Practicalities (2022 Spring)

This page has not yet been updated for the 2023 January-March course instance. Come back later or join our Discord channel for announcements.

Enrollment and study credits

If you are a student in Finland, you may receive 4 or 5 study credits from completing this course. See the enrollment instructions for details.

For everyone, after completing and submitting all the exercises, you will receive a certificate/PNG that you can show off as a trophy. 🏅 (The certificates are not yet ready - they'll come later this spring.)

Discord channel

Communication and study groups will happen over Discord. Join the course's Discord channel through

Course duration

The course will start on Tuesday 18.1.2022 at 16:15 (Europe/Helsinki timezone) in Discord tdd_voice channel with an information session (and the first study group if somebody already started doing the exercises).

The course will end on Tuesday 31.5.2022. There is no exam, but only the exercises.

Study groups

We will have study groups every Tuesday at 16:15-18:00 (Europe/Helsinki timezone) in Discord tdd_voice channel. There we will go through the exercises and it's an opportunity to receive feedback. This could include code review, refactoring, pair/mob programming, ad-hoc exercises etc. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened, and it's over when it's over.


Do the exercises at your own pace and use the #tdd_general Discord channel for peer help.

Please track the time you spend on each exercise (and in case of Exercise 2: Tetris, track the time for each level). We will ask you to fill questionnaires for each exercise, so that we can improve the course for future students.

The exercise submitting service is at When submitting there, you will need to provide a link to a GitHub repository with your solution to the exercise. If your repository is private, please add luontola as a collaborator to your private repository so that we can view it.

Screen recording

For the last exercise, you will need to also create a screen recording video of when you do the exercise. It's kind of like the final exam of the course. You will not be rated based on how well you use TDD, only whether you use TDD or not.

The recordings may be used for research purposes to improve the course, to see how well this course manages to teach people TDD. If some of you would volunteer to record all of their exercises, that would be interesting research material as well.

It's quite easy to do screen recording with OBS Studio - all the kids on Twitch can do it, and so can you. We'll likely provide an S3 bucket where you can upload the video files, or then you can upload them to some video streaming service.

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